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Thank you for your interest in our online Japanese group conversation workshop. We offer a 60-minute session aimed at improving your spoken Japanese skills. We have three levels available:

  1. Lower Intermediate Level (80% in Japanese): This level is designed for learners who are at a lower intermediate stage of Japanese proficiency. The workshop will be conducted primarily in Japanese, with approximately 80% of the conversation in Japanese. (max. JLPT Level 5)
  2. Intermediate Level (100% in Japanese): The intermediate level is suitable for learners who can already engage in conversations in Japanese with some fluency. In this workshop, approximately 100% of the conversation will be conducted in Japanese. (JLPT Level 3 and 4)
  3. Advanced Level (100% in Japanese): The advanced level is intended for learners who are comfortable and confident in their Japanese speaking skills. This workshop will be conducted entirely in Japanese, providing you with an immersive language experience. (JLPT Level 2 and above)

Regardless of the level you choose, our focus is on enhancing your spoken Japanese abilities. After each workshop, you will receive vocabulary notes after each lesson. These notes will aid you in expanding your vocabulary and reinforcing your language skills.

If you are ready to join our group conversation workshop and improve your spoken Japanese, please let us know which level you would like to enroll in. We look forward to assisting you on your language learning journey.





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