Keep a diary in Japanese Part 2 (days of the week)♪♪

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How are you doing?

Today you are going to learn Monday and the other days of the week. Before that, do you remember how to write date?

You can always revise how to write date in Japanese in my previous post.

Let’s get started!

How to write Monday etc.

Now you will learn days. You already know Monday and Sunday! You learned Monday and Sunday . You will learn kanji Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 




Monday げつ
Wednesday すい
Thursday もく
Friday きん
Sunday にち

When you say the days in Japanese, you add 曜日ようび   

So Monday is 月曜日げつようび

How do you write Monday, July 30th


It might be easier if you listen to how to say them in Japanese…

How to say days in Japanese

I found this link in YouTube.

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