Keep a diary in Japanese Part 1 (date)♪

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Do you think it’s impossible to learn how to write in Japanese? There are 46 hiragana and 46 katakana. On top of that, there are approx. 50,000 kanji. No worries, you do not need to know all kanji. It is said that you need 2,000 kanji to get by.

We won’t learn the numbers today instead we’ll focus on learning something new. Let’s begin.

If you keep a handwritten diary you will learn dates, days, weather and the time in Japanese! Today you are going to learn two kanji!






Monday, August 30th, the weather is sunny.

Today I went to the café. I had some coffee and toast.

How to write date

Shall we start with the date? We start from month and then day. Never day and then month.

How to write month




First, you need to know how to write month in Japanese.

1月 いち がつ
2月 がつ
3月 さん がつ
4月 がつ
5月 がつ
6月 ろく がつ
7月 しち がつ
8月 はち がつ
9月 がつ
10月 じゅう がつ
11月 じゅういち がつ
12月 じゅうに がつ

How to write day

Now you learn one kanji per day.




Ok I am going to test you know! How do you write July 30th


Writing Japanese is not impossible. Keep going!

How to say dates in Japanese

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