French Courses in London and Paris


If you are in London or Paris then LetThemTalk would like to recommend two groups to help you improve your French conversation 

Waterloo French Conversation group

French Conversation Lesson

If you are in London and wish to Practise your French in small groups in a convivial atmosphere try the Waterloo French Conversation Group. click here French conversation in London for more details. This group meets twice a week in a café in central London in small groups (normally between 3 and 7) with a native French teacher who is there to guide the conversation and correct mistakes. You can attend whenever you like (you need to reserve first) and prices are very competitive. There are no written exercises it's 100% spoken and 100% in French.

Paris French Conversation

If you are travelling to Paris then why not mix tourism with some language study? Even if you are there for a weekend or for a few days join our French Café Conversation Group. Learn some French and meet some interesting people at the same time. For more information click here French conversation lessons in Paris 


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